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Costa Rica

Costa Rica

Best eSIM plans for Costa Rica

Buy internet per days This plan allows you to purchase internet access for a fixed number of days. 10.87
Buy internet per GB This plan allows you to purchase internet access based on data usage (in GB). 8.04
Get eSIM for your next travel with BLINK eSIM.
  • 2G/3G/4G
  • Data sharing available (hotspot).
  • Top up anytime.
  • Buy now, activate when you want.
  • Check compatibility
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  • How it works

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      First Step: Your eSIM Plan for Costa Rica

      Surf in Costa Rica hassle-free: Choose an Internet plan based on your trip duration and data usage.

      With BLINK eSIM, avoid changing eSIMs for each destination. Receive top-up and balance links via email and SMS.

      Ensure your mobile is compatible:

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      eSIM for Costa Rica: Receive It Easily via Email

      You will quickly receive your eSIM for Costa Rica as a QR code by email. If it doesn’t appear, check your spam.

      Activate your eSIM before arriving in Costa Rica, as you’ll need internet, or use it with WiFi upon arrival.

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      Activate Your eSIM: Scan the QR

      Your phone will show you how to activate the eSIM in a few simple steps. With your eSIM, you’ll have access to the Internet in Costa Rica in no time.

      Don’t forget to switch off roaming on your usual SIM and switch it on for your new BLINK eSIM.

  • Information

    If you’re in search of the finest eSIM or an affordable one, BLINK eSIM is the ideal solution, functional in Costa Rica and over 190 countries without requiring another eSIM. Plus, you get to decide your spending in advance. Install your eSIM once and roam the world with BLINK eSIM’s internet connectivity.

    Recharge for your preferred country, and if you need to return your data package for any reason, like a canceled journey, rest assured. Reach out to us for a refund. See the refund criteria here.

    Return / refund policy.

    After installing your BLINK eSIM, you’ll have global access for a year in Costa Rica and any country from the last recharge date. So, there’s no need to install a new eSIM each time you travel. Just recharge for the country you need. The process is quick, via a link sent by SMS upon your first activation of BLINK eSIM.

    If you need to return the data package for any reason, don’t worry. We’ll refund you if you meet our requirements, which can be checked here.

    Refund requirements:

    Return conditions: Do not use the data package and be within 30 days of purchase.

    Request a refund through WhatsApp or Email, with your order number.

Frequently Asked Questions

Find helpful information to answer your questions

  • What is the best eSim for Costa Rica?
    Blink eSIM le ofrece muchas opciones de planes eSIM de Internet con la conexión más confiable respaldada por operadores locales como LIBERTY.
  • What is the cheapest eSim for Costa Rica?
    Blink eSIM has extensive eSIM offers to travel around Costa Rica from just 8.04.

Travel through Costa Rica with the BLINK eSIM

With BLINK eSIM for Costa Rica, enjoy an Internet connection on every adventure and forget about expensive roaming bills when you return.

About Costa Rica

Exploring the Beauty of Costa Rica: A Complete Overview

Welcome to Costa Rica, a tropical paradise where lush biodiversity combines with dream beaches and a warm, welcoming culture. Discover a country full of adventure and impressive landscapes ranging from dense jungles to majestic volcanoes.

Explore Manuel Antonio National Park, where the jungle meets the ocean, or venture into the highlands to admire the Arenal Volcano. Immerse yourself in Costa Rican culture as you stroll through the charming streets of San José and enjoy the hospitality of the local people.

In Costa Rica, the official currency is the colón, offering accessible options for travelers. To stay connected during your exploration, trust Blink eSim, which offers you the best internet data packages at the best prices. This way you can share your experiences in real time, explore the exuberant nature and fully enjoy your stay in this paradisiacal corner of Central America.

With Blink eSim, your trip to Costa Rica will be even more memorable, ensuring exceptional connectivity so you can experience all the natural and cultural wonders that this beautiful country has to offer.

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