Best eSIM plans for Indonesia

Buy internet per days This plan allows you to purchase internet access for a fixed number of days. USD $6.50
Buy internet per GB This plan allows you to purchase internet access based on data usage (in GB). USD $5.00
Get eSIM for your next travel with BLINK eSIM.
  • 2G/3G/4G/5G
  • Data sharing available (hotspot).
  • Top up anytime.
  • Buy now, activate when you want.
  • Check compatibility
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  • How it works

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      Define Your Connection in Indonesia with eSIM

      Connectivity in Indonesia: Choose a plan that fits your days in Indonesia and data usage.

      With BLINK eSIM, one installation is sufficient for each country. Receive top-up and balance details via email and SMS.

      Check your phone’s compatibility:

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      Get Your eSIM for Indonesia via Email

      Your eSIM for staying connected in Indonesia will be sent as a QR code to your email. Remember to check your spam folder if it’s missing.

      Activate your eSIM prior to reaching Indonesia since internet is needed for activation. Alternatively, activate it using WiFi once you’re there.

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      Quickly Activate Your eSIM reading the QR

      Your smartphone will provide an easy process to activate the eSIM. In Indonesia, your eSIM will connect you to the Internet instantly.

      Ensure to deactivate roaming on your home SIM and activate it on the BLINK eSIM.

  • Information

    BLINK eSIM is the ultimate choice if you’re looking for the best eSIM or a cost-effective eSIM, available in Indonesia and over 190 countries without requiring another eSIM. Decide your spending upfront. Install your eSIM once and enjoy internet connectivity anywhere in the world with BLINK eSIM.

    Top up for the country you wish, and if there’s any reason to return your purchased data package, like a canceled trip, we’re here to help. Contact us for a refund. See our refund terms here.

    Return / refund policy.

    Install your BLINK eSIM and enjoy a year of global service for Indonesia and other countries from your last recharge. No need for additional eSIM installations.

    Top up for your intended destination. The process is simple, via a link via SMS. In case of data package return, check our refund requirements here.

    Refund requirements:

    Refund available if you haven’t used the data package and are within 30 days of purchase.

    Request it via WhatsApp or Email, indicating your order number.

Frequently Asked Questions

Find helpful information to answer your questions

  • What is the best eSim for Indonesia?
    Blink eSIM offers you many Internet eSIM plan options with the most reliable connection backed by local operators like THREE | TELKOMSEL.
  • What is the cheapest eSim for Indonesia?
    Blink eSIM has extensive eSIM offers to travel around Indonesia from as little as USD $5.00.

Travel through Indonesia with the BLINK eSIM

With BLINK eSIM for Indonesia, enjoy Internet connection on every adventure and forget about expensive roaming bills when you return.

About Indonesia

Exploring the Beauty of Indonesia: A Complete Overview

Welcome to Indonesia, an archipelago where cultural diversity, lush nature and modern connectivity merge into a truly unique experience. From the richness of Javanese culture to the unspoilt beauty of Bali and the underwater wonders of Raja Ampat, Indonesia invites you to explore a diverse and captivating world. Immerse yourself in the spiritual essence of Borobudur, marvel at the majesty of the Prambanan temples and discover the warmth of its hospitable people.

The Indonesian rupiah is the official currency, offering several traveler-friendly options. As you adventure through these fascinating islands, Blink eSim provides you with seamless connectivity through cutting-edge technology and personalized data packages designed to enhance your experience. Enjoy affordable access to high-speed 3G/4G/5G mobile Internet throughout your journey through Indonesia, where cultural diversity, lush nature and Blink eSim come together to offer an authentic and unparalleled adventure. With Blink eSim, we ensure that your trips are marked by unforgettable moments and perfect connections, all at exceptional prices on Internet data packages.

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