Best eSIM plans for Kosovo

Buy internet per days This plan allows you to purchase internet access for a fixed number of days. $23.60
Buy internet per GB This plan allows you to purchase internet access based on data usage (in GB). $16.80
Get eSIM for your next travel with BLINK eSIM.
  • 2G/3G/4G
  • Data sharing available (hotspot).
  • Top up anytime.
  • Buy now, activate when you want.
  • Check compatibility
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    Pick the Best eSIM for Kosovo

    Borderless Internet in Kosovo: Determine the ideal data plan for your stay length and usage.

    Install BLINK eSIM and forget about switching for each country. Top-ups and balance via email and SMS.

    Confirm your mobile device compatibility:

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    Your eSIM for Kosovo Delivered via Email

    You’ll get your eSIM to access data in Kosovo through an email with a QR code. If you don’t find the email, check your spam folder.

    It’s best to activate your eSIM before reaching Kosovo as it requires internet. You can also activate it at your destination with WiFi.

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    Follow the Steps to Activate eSIM

    Read the QR and your phone will guide you on how to easily activate your eSIM. You’ll be connected to the Internet in Kosovo in just a moment.

    It’s important to adjust roaming (turn off) on your home SIM and activate (turn on) the roaming in your the eSIM.

Frequently Asked Questions

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  • What is the best eSim for Kosovo?
    Blink eSIM offers you many Internet eSIM plan options with the most reliable connection backed by local operators like IPKO | MONACO TELECOM.
  • What is the cheapest eSim for Kosovo?
    Blink eSIM has extensive eSIM offers to travel around Kosovo from as little as $16.80.

Travel through Kosovo with the BLINK eSIM

With BLINK eSIM for Kosovo, enjoy Internet connection on every adventure and forget about expensive roaming bills when you return.

About Kosovo

Exploring the beauty of Kosovo: a complete overview

Welcome to Kosovo, where the charm of the Balkans, the heritage of its culture and modern connectivity come together to create a truly unique experience. With its captivating cities, stunning landscapes and warm hospitality, Kosovo welcomes you as an extraordinary destination for the discerning traveler. Immerse yourself in the rich culture of Pristina, explore the pristine beauty of the Rugova Mountains and discover the country's well-preserved secrets.

In Kosovo, the official currency is the Euro, offering a variety of traveler-friendly options. Blink eSim introduces you to a world of seamless connectivity with cutting-edge technology and customized data packages designed to enhance your exploration. Enjoy affordable, high-speed 3G/4G/5G mobile internet access throughout your trip through Kosovo. Balkan charms, cultural heritage and Blink eSim come together to offer a truly unique adventure, ensuring your travels are marked by unforgettable experiences and seamless connections.

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