Best eSIM plans for Oceania

Buy internet per days This plan allows you to purchase internet access for a fixed number of days. USD $8.20
Buy internet per GB This plan allows you to purchase internet access based on data usage (in GB). USD $6.00
Get eSIM for your next travel with BLINK eSIM.
  • 2G/3G/4G
  • Data sharing available (hotspot).
  • Top up anytime.
  • Buy now, activate when you want.
  • Check compatibility
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    Your Ideal eSIM for Oceania: Choose Now

    Personalized browsing in Oceania: Choose a plan that fits your days in Oceania and data usage.

    BLINK eSIM removes the worry of multiple eSIMs. Easily top up, with instructions via email and SMS.

    Ensure your mobile is compatible:

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    eSIM for Oceania Emailed to You

    Your eSIM for Oceania will be emailed as a QR code. If missing, check your spam folder.

    Activate it before arriving in Oceania, as it needs internet, or activate on arrival using WiFi.

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    Your eSIM: Scan the QR and Connect

    Easily activate your eSIM with instructions on your smartphone. Connect to the Internet in Oceania instantly.

    Ensure to turn off the roaming on your original SIM and turn on the roaming your new eSIM.

Frequently Asked Questions

Find helpful information to answer your questions

  • What is the best eSim for Oceania?
    Blink eSIM offers you many Internet eSIM plan options with the most reliable connection backed by local operators like VODAFONE | TELSTRA | OPTUS | DIGICEL | etc..
  • What is the cheapest eSim for Oceania?
    Blink eSIM has extensive eSIM offers to travel throughout Oceania from as little as USD $6.00.

Travel through Oceania with the BLINK eSIM

With BLINK eSIM for Oceania, enjoy Internet connection on every adventure and forget about expensive roaming bills when you return.

About Oceania

Exploring the beauty of Oceania: a complete overview

Welcome to Oceania, a vast and diverse paradise where natural beauty, unique indigenous cultures and modern connectivity intertwine to offer an unforgettable experience. With islands scattered in the vast Pacific, Oceania is a mosaic of natural and cultural treasures.

From the white sand beaches and crystal clear waters of the Pacific Islands to the stunning landscapes of Australia and New Zealand, every corner of Oceania tells a unique story. Delve into the rich Aboriginal heritage in Australia, explore Polynesian traditions in Tahiti, and marvel at the geographic diversity of Papua New Guinea.

In Oceania, the official currencies vary, but the friendliness of its inhabitants is universal. Blink eSim offers you the best connectivity options with data packages designed to suit your needs as you explore this corner of the world. Discover natural wonders, immerse yourself in local traditions and connect with the essence of Oceania, where the beauty of the environment and Blink eSim merge to create a unique experience.

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