Travel to Vietnam and enjoy a spectacular mobile connection with your eSIM

Are you planning a trip to Vietnam? It is one of the most fashionable countries in recent years in Asia and increasingly receives more European tourists. One of the concerns of travelers has to do with mobile coverage and the Internet and is that teleworking is becoming more and more prevalent and that means that it is essential to have connectivity, even if we are on vacation. Thanks to BLINK you can not worry because it is one of the destinations with the best mobile coverage in the area. In practically every corner you will have 4G and that means you can surf at full speed.

With a BLINK eSIM you can choose the most appropriate data franchise and it will also be useful for this trip and for subsequent ones since you can recharge whenever you need it regardless of the country you are in.

Must visit Halong Bay

Vietnam is synonymous with nature, rice fields and friendliness on the part of its citizens. Its more than 1,600 islands and islets make up one of the most striking countries in the world. A must-see is to visit Cat Ba Island and immortalize the Cai Beo floating village with your smartphone. If you check Instagram and TikTok, it is the most shared landscape on both social networks and that is thanks to the fact that tourists are connected with their BLINKs. The rice fields are also another of the most visited tourist attractions. Immense, green and spectacular if you visit them from above.

In all tourist guides you will see the points of interest so you don't miss anything. Hanoi The city of chaos If you have already visited Asia you will know that in most cities the traffic is very chaotic and it is practically impossible for a Westerner to drive. In the case of Hanoi, the level of congestion and chaos surpasses other Asian capitals. In any case, we will tell you that it has its charm and you will be amazed by its historic center, memories about the war with the United States and gastronomy. Get ready to live an unforgettable experience in the heart of the continent and with all the magic of the Vietnamese people.

Always connected

If you already have your trip planned, you just have to buy your BLINK and you can activate it a few days before your flight. As soon as you land you will have an Internet connection so you can share every moment in Vietnam. Happy journey!. Remember that it is important that in your smartphone options you disable automatic updates or at least specify that downloads are carried out when you are connected to a WiFi network. This way you will prevent your data allowance from running out quickly. An update can consume more than 1 GB of data in just a few minutes.

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