Thailand, a paradise where your eSIM will allow you to have a connection anywhere

Thailand is one of the most visited Asian countries in the world. Bangkok is a capital that captivates tourists from the first moment with its chaotic traffic and, above all, its contrasts. You can be dining at the hotel where the movie "The Hangover" was filmed for more than $100 a cover and right at street level find a stand where you can eat for less than $2. We will tell you some keys so that you can always enjoy your trip with connection.

In the last decade the country has become a tourist attraction for its culture, landscapes, gastronomy, quality price and above all for your safety. Bangkok is a wonderful city that has numerous temples that will delight visitors. On a gastronomic level, it is also spectacular with places with high purchasing power and other more humble ones where you can taste the best pad thai in the world. In the capital and in all cities the coverage offered by operators is 4G and in some areas 5G. Even the temples are adapted so that you can share your photographs and videos on social networks without worrying about connectivity.

In the south, the best-known city is Phuket. It is a meeting point for younger tourists where you will find the famous Patong beach and the well-known Bangla Road where there are dozens of clubs and discos. The city also has a historical area with very colorful and picturesque buildings that may remind you of other countries. From Phuket, tourists usually travel to the best-known islands such as PhiPhi Island by speedboat, just 50 minutes away. Mobile coverage is guaranteed between the islands in the middle of the sea, you can be browsing while visiting Instagram, TikTok or watching YouTube videos with recommendations to visit in the country.

With Blink eSIM you can enjoy a 20 GB connection for a 30-day stay or you can choose cheaper options. You can also hire our 1 GB basic package For a week, whenever you can, take advantage of public WiFi networks on the street and in the hotels where you spend the night. Remember to disable automatic updates on your smartphone to prevent applications from consuming bandwidth or the operating system from finding a new version and consuming part of the data allowance. Thailand is a perfect country to discover and share on social networks, in fact, it is one of the tourist areas that appears the most on Instagram.

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